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Auto Appraisal Services

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Was your vehicle damaged by another vehicle or driver?

If so, you should file a diminished value claim. You can file your claim either with the at-fault party’s insurance company or direct against the person who caused the damage. Here at Auto Appraisal Service, we offer a Certified Diminished Value Appraisal Report. The certified appraisal will show the loss in market value due to a non at-fault accident. Non at-fault could be another driver causing damage to your vehicle while driving your vehicle or while driving their own. History has proven that vehicles that have been in an accident and have vehicle accident history are worth less than vehicles with no damage or accident history. You do not have to wait to trade or sell your vehicle to file diminished value. Some states require you notify them within a time period in order to process your claim.

Our method has been proven to help you claim your diminished value and are real values, not opinions!
Was your vehicle deemed a total loss?

If so, Auto Appraisal Service offers a certified total loss appraisal report that will show you the true market value of your vehicle. After the insurance company has made a settlement offer to you; we can review and perform a preliminary total appraisal report before you proceed with the appraisal clause. The report will provide a fair market and/or actual cash value of your vehicle. If the difference in value between the insurance company’s offer and our preliminary total loss value is significant enough, then you can choose to proceed with the appraisal clause. We will then send our own inspector out to your vehicle and perform an inspection on site. After the inspection has been performed, we will update and finalize our certified total loss appraisal report. We then negotiate on your behalf with the other party’s hired appraiser.
Most insurance companies require you to provide a certified auto appraisal as proof of market value. This will be needed to support your elected amount or agreed amount of coverage (Stated Value). If you have a custom car, truck or motorcycle, the insurance company may only pay book value or book retail value. In most cases with classic cars or customized vehicles, book value does not reflect the actual market value of your vehicle. This also includes RV’s, travel trailers and custom off road vehicles.

Having a certified auto appraisal on file will help you in case you ever have to file an insurance claim like total loss or theft. Great documentation is key to being covered!
Banks and Financial institutions normally use the vehicle or property as collateral for the loan. Most require a certified auto appraisal report be completed and filed with the application. This is to prove the actual market value of the automobile you are financing. This is very common with purchasing a classic car or custom motorcycle. All our reports show extensive market research, contain multiple market comparables and even includes the appraiser’s credentials (normally required by financial institutions).

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